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AI could revolutionise pharma compound synthesis

January 16, 2024

Via: Pharmaphorum

Their novel approach to high-throughput experimentation (HTE) could do away with the current need to run trial-and-error experiments to see how chemicals used to make medicines react with one another, predicting their behaviour virtually, and has been described in a […]

Manufacturing, Research and Development

ML and AI Implementation Insights for Bio/Pharma Manufacturing

September 29, 2023

Via: Biopharm International

This survey conducted by the authors examined factors of Roger’s diffusion of innovation theory related to adopting machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) in the bio/pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. The sample included industry leaders and bio/pharmaceutical professionals with experience in […]

FDA, Regulations

FDA Releases Guidance on Intake Limits for Nitrosamine Drug Substance-Related Impurities

August 11, 2023

Via: Biopharm International

On Aug. 4, 2023, FDA released a guidance document, Recommended Acceptable Intake Limits for Nitrosamine Drug Substance-Related Impurities (NDSRIs). The guidance gives both applicants and manufacturers of drugs recommendations for estimating the mutagenic and carcinogenic potential of NDSRIs that could […]


AI and CRISPR precisely control gene expression

July 3, 2023

Via: World Pharma News

Artificial intelligence can predict on- and off-target activity of CRISPR tools that target RNA instead of DNA, according to new research published in Nature Biotechnology. The study by researchers at New York University, Columbia Engineering, and the New York Genome […]

Mergers and Acquisitions

Sanofi, CytoReason expand AI deal into IBD

January 24, 2023

Via: Pharmaphorum

The partnership between Sanofi and CytoReason – for an undisclosed, multimillion dollar amount – forms part of an ongoing collaboration begun in 2021, which originally focused on obtaining advanced mechanistic insights for asthma endotypes. The collaboration takes CytoReason’s partnering with […]

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It’s time for more tech and biotech innovation in 2023

January 5, 2023

Via: Pharmaphorum

For biotech to achieve our societal goals, we need to build up the foundational systems that support modern science. Government investment will be critical. Technological resources will also be instrumental — from overcoming current technical skills gaps to modernising how […]

Clinical Trials, Research and Development

Improving trial predictability: leveraging AI-powered analytics to guide trial design, strategy, and operations

December 2, 2022

Via: Pharmaphorum

Using data-informed insights derived by effectively implemented datasets, artificial intelligence/machine learning capabilities, and technology sponsors can realise increased predictability in their study planning from protocol design through enrolment strategy. Critical analysis in protocol design Nearly eight out of 10 (78%) […]


The Future of Gene Therapy: Recent Advancements May Help Cure A Variety of Diseases

November 25, 2022

Via: Isabella Carter

Gene therapy is a medical field that focuses on developing personalized treatments that have the potential to save or change lives by inactivating a defective gene or replacing it with a functional one. As AI has already proven its ability […]

Mergers and Acquisitions

Sanofi signs $1.2bn research alliance with AI specialist Insilico

November 9, 2022

Via: Pharmaphorum

The alliance is backloaded, with $21.5 million paid upfront and Insilico also in line for mid-single to up to low double-digit tiered royalties for any products developed, but it is comfortably the Chinese company’s largest deal to date. “This collaboration […]

Industry, Vaccines

AI-derived cancer vaccines: the pharmaphorum podcast

August 25, 2022

Via: Pharmaphorum

Today on the pharmaphorum podcast, Editor in Chief Jonah Comstock welcomes Hedi Ben Brahim and Eric Quéméneur, CEO and chief science officer respectively of Transgene, to discuss cancer vaccines in general and Transgene’s recent work in the space in particular. […]


AI and Robotics Uncover Cellular Hallmarks of Parkinson’s in Skin Cells

March 28, 2022

Via: Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

Researchers at the New York Stem Cell Foundation Research Institute have unveiled a new platform for discovering cellular signatures of disease, which integrates robotic systems for studying patient cells with artificial intelligence methods for image analysis. Using their automated cell […]

Biotech, Industry

Merck leans into AI with $610M in biobucks for Absci drug discovery pact

January 7, 2022

Via: FierceBiotech

Merck is taking a deep dive into complex proteins with the help of artificial-intelligence-powered drug discovery company Absci. The two companies have signed a research collaboration for up to three targets in a deal worth up to $610 million in […]

Clinical Trials, Research and Development

Exscientia starts trials of AI-designed Alzheimer’s drug

May 13, 2021

Via: Pharmaphorum

The new molecule – called DSP-0038 – is being developed by Japan’s Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma (DSP), which is now starting a phase 1 trial in the US as a treatment for psychosis associated with Alzheimer’s, and to see if it […]

Clinical Trials, Research and Development

AI, Microfluidics, Nanoparticle Printing Combined to Analyze Cancer Cells

October 7, 2020

Via: Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

A team of electrical engineers, computer scientists, and biomedical engineers at the University of California-Irvine report that they have created a new lab-on-a-chip that can help study tumor heterogeneity to reduce resistance to cancer therapies. In a paper “A Machine […]

Biotech, Industry

AI Can Aid Biopharma, but Industry Must Remember the Science

August 25, 2020

Via: Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

Artificial intelligence (AI) has huge potential in bioprocessing. Its ability to model process data in real-time and feed this information into automated control systems is attractive to efficiency-focused drug companies. According to a recent report, biopharma companies are warming to […]


AI Method Predicts Development of Drug-Resistant Phenotypes

August 5, 2020

Via: Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

All too often, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning get demonized in pop culture as being the harbinger of human armageddon. However, when we separate fact from science fiction, we find that AI is a powerful tool that can be […]

Manufacturing, Research and Development

The role of IoT in pharma manufacturing and distribution

February 26, 2020

Via: Pharma IQ

If a company strives for innovation, there’s no room for lagging behind with their software. Similarly to AI and machine learning, the internet of things (IoT) provides the pharmaceutical industry with a selection of new opportunities, including; better control of […]