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Servier cuts ties with Allogene, ending complex CAR-T partnership

September 22, 2022

French drugmaker Servier has terminated a partnership with Allogene, ending a deal whose origins began well before the high-profile developer of “off-the-shelf” cancer cell therapies was formed four years ago.

A regulatory filing on Wednesday by Allogene revealed Servier’s decision to back out of the alliance, which granted Servier partial rights to a group of blood cancer treatments. One of them, a lymphoma treatment called ALLO-501a, is Allogene’s most advanced drug prospect. Development of another, a leukemia drug known as UCART19, hasn’t progressed since early trials were completed in 2020. The deal also granted Servier some rights to any other cell therapies from Allogene that similarly focus on a protein called CD19.

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