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Moderna, hoping to prove it’s no one-trick COVID pony, posts early peek at mRNA flu shot hopeful

December 10, 2021


Moderna is set to make tens of billions of dollars this year and next from its mRNA COVID vaccine and booster, but the market won’t let the Big Biotech rest on its laurels and wants broader applicability from its programs.

The jury is out as to whether Moderna has delivered some of the potential of that today with some early phase 1 data from its influenza shot trial for mRNA-1010, which only entered the clinic in the July, not showing a clear picture whether it can better newer shots already on the market.

Data from the phase 1 trial, posted in a release Friday morning, showed it “successfully boosted” hemagglutination inhibition assay geometric mean titers (GMTs) against all tested flu strains 29 days after vaccination, at all doses, tested in both younger and older adults.

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