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Curia and Corning Collaborate to Advance Biopharmaceutical Continuous-Flow Development

March 24, 2023

Curia announced on March 23, 2023 that it is collaborating with Corning to expand and accelerate continuous-flow development and manufacturing programs for the chemical and biopharmaceutical industries globally. The collaboration marks the first global installation of Corning’s G1 production system to support higher-quality API-chemical production using flow-chemistry technology.

Continuous flow chemistry is crucial for the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs and provides advantages compared with traditional batch processing. It can deliver a faster and more robust material production with a higher selectivity of desired products, according to a company press release. The collaboration will combine Curia’s expertise and global network of facilities with Corning’s continuous flow technology to help drive business efficacies as well as improve patients’ lives.

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