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Applied DNA Acquires RNA Polymerase Developer Spindle Biotech

July 13, 2023

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. a company involved with PCR-based DNA technologies, acquired Spindle Biotech Inc., an early-stage, private biotech company developing next-generation RNA manufacturing technologies.

The acquisition leverages the company’s LinearDNA platform that enables efficient chemical modification of DNA templates and the high binding affinity of Spindle’s high-performance RNA polymerase (RNAP) for chemically modified DNA templates. The goal is to deliver multiple advantages over conventional plasmid DNA-based mRNA production, including: the prevention or reduction of double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) contamination resulting in higher target mRNA yields; delivery of IVT templates in as little as 14 days for milligram scale and 30 days for gram scale; and reduced mRNA manufacturing complexities.

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