image credit: Unsplash

AHA: AstraZeneca, Moderna shine early light on mRNA potential in heart failure

November 15, 2021


Although AstraZeneca and Moderna are archrivals in the COVID-19 vaccine space, the two have an interesting mRNA pact that has been operating largely under the radar.

For years, the pair has quietly been plugging away using Moderna’s mRNA technology to help patients with heart disease (as well as other diseases), and new midstage data out today offer a glimmer of hope that, outside of infectious disease, this platform could have a broader scope.

We know mRNA players such as BioNTech, Moderna and CureVac are all gunning for influenza and cancer with their tech, having already swiftly proven its worth in treating SARS-CoV-02, but heart failure may be a viable target, too.

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