image credit: Pxfuel

Pfizer swallows CD47 biotech Trillium in $2.3B takeover

August 23, 2021

Biotechs targeting the “don’t eat me” signal cancer cells use to avoid the immune system are getting gobbled up. Pfizer is the latest company to buy its way into the space, splashing out $2.3 billion to acquire Trillium Therapeutics for its early-phase inhibitors of the CD47 macrophage checkpoint.

Trillium, like peers such as Forty Seven and Arch Oncology, has identified CD47 blockade as a way to unleash the power of the innate immune system against tumors. The two candidates are designed to block CD47 while simultaneously delivering an “eat me” signal to macrophages and, in the case of TTI-621, activating natural killer (NK) cells.

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