image credit: Vecteezy

Nurturing the power of true connections in your clinical trials

May 23, 2024


But is it really possible to build and sustain connection at this level and, if so, how?

To build meaningful and lasting connections, the relationship needs to go both ways. Before we speak, it’s important that we listen. Particularly when it comes to rare diseases, patients often need to self-advocate and rapidly become experts in their condition. But traditional pharma approaches to patient engagement typically reach the same groups of people, like those with high levels of health literacy, or free time to spare. This is not always representative of the target audience, which is why we need to provide a forum for everyone to have their voices heard and provide meaningful input on how we can keep working to serve their needs. Enable and empower anyone, anywhere, to share their opinions and ideas in an easy, potentially one-off way.

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