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FDA OKs wider use of Almirall’s actinic keratosis drug

June 10, 2024


First approved in 2020, first-in-class microtubule inhibitor Klisyri (tirbanibulin 1%) reached the market in early 2021, joining a short list of therapies in the US that are available for AK, which is a major public health concern as it can be a precursor to skin cancer.

AK – also known as solar keratosis – is the second most common diagnosis made by dermatologists in the US with a reported prevalence of between 11% and 25%. It tends to take the form of rough, scaly patches of skin that appear on areas of the body exposed to ultraviolet light, such as the scalp in the case of balding men, the face, forearms, neck, or back of the hands.

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