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In address to Congress, Biden touts drug pricing law and pushes insulin cost caps

February 8, 2023

Via: Biopharma Dive

President Biden doubled down on efforts to rein in prescription drug prices during his State of the Union address on Tuesday and warned Republicans that he will fight any attempts to roll back his initiatives. Biden called on lawmakers to […]

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Clinical Trial Diversity Advances in Regulatory Agenda

April 20, 2022

Via: Biopharm International

FDA recently issued a new guidance on how to make clinical research more inclusive, building on earlier, broader advisories on the topic. At the same time, Congress is looking to advance legislation promoting clinical trial diversity in pre- and post-market […]


Biden Outlines Measures to Fight Omicron, Pleads with Americans to Get Vaccinated

December 21, 2021


President Joe Biden laid out a comprehensive plan on Tuesday to help Americans navigate a tough winter facing the Omicron variant, but he also made an impassioned plea for all eligible American to get vaccines and boosters. “For the folks […]


US President Biden nominates Robert Califf as FDA commissioner

November 16, 2021


Describing Dr Robert Califf as “one of the most experienced clinical trialists in the country” with more than 1,200 publications in the peer-reviewed literature, President Biden said he had both the experience and expertise to lead the FDA “during a […]


Senate to cull Biden’s biomedical research agency from social care bill: Report

October 11, 2021

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President Joe Biden’s $3 billion Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health is in jeopardy as the Senate is set to cut the agency from its social care spending bill. This is according to sources talking to Politico over the weekend […]

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Biden Bolsters Vaccine Production in Pandemic Preparedness Plan

September 10, 2021

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As part of a broad initiative to prepare for and prevent future global disease outbreaks, White House officials recently announced a nearly $3 billion program to ramp up production of vaccines and their components to better serve patients in the […]

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Biden Highlights Drug Pricing Reforms to Advance Legislative Agenda

August 13, 2021

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The White House is looking to pay for some of its prime social and health initiatives by reducing outlays for prescription drugs, according to an announcement by President Biden that supports several leading drug-price control policies strongly backed by Democrats. […]

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Biden Offers COVID Vaccines to Migrants in Custody Along Mexican Border

August 4, 2021


COVID-19 vaccines will be offered to migrants in U.S. custody at the Mexican border, federal government officials said Tuesday. The Department of Homeland Security will provide the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine to migrants soon after they cross into the […]

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Biden Says Full Approval for COVID Vaccines Coming Soon

July 22, 2021


As he urged Americans who are still hesitant to get vaccinated, President Joe Biden told an Ohio town hall on Wednesday night that he expected the U.S. Food and Drug Administration would soon give final approval to COVID-19 vaccines. At […]

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Biden’s July Executive Order Includes Drug Pricing Provisions. But Will They Do Enough?

July 19, 2021

Via: Kaiser Health News

President Joe Biden’s executive order of July 9 included various steps toward making good on campaign promises to take on pharmaceutical companies by allowing the importation of prescription drugs and curbing the high cost of medicines. These issues were key […]

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US backs proposal to waive IP protection for COVID-19 vaccines

May 7, 2021


The Biden-Harris Administration is backing a proposal from the World Trade Organization (WTO), supported by South Africa and India, that would temporarily remove IP protections on COVID-19 vaccines. The move itself is surprising, given that historically the US has been […]

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Biden admin backs proposal to suspend intellectual property on pandemic vaccines, angering industry

May 5, 2021

Via: FiercePharma

Bucking the pharma industry on the closely watched issue of patent rights for COVID-19 vaccines, the Biden administration came out in favor of a proposal at the World Trade Organization to suspend intellectual property protections for pandemic shots. In a […]

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Biden moves deadline for states to open Covid vaccines to all U.S. adults to April 19

April 6, 2021


President Joe Biden announced Tuesday that states should open Covid-19 vaccine appointments to all U.S. adults by April 19, moving up his original deadline by nearly two weeks. Biden announced the new deadline after he visited a vaccination site in […]


Biden and biotech: Science first

January 20, 2021

Via: FierceBiotech

The November election now seems such a long time ago: It has, in fact, been less than three months, but that time has been filled with political and scientific catastrophes that will shape President Joe Biden’s term in office. The […]