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Pricing, Regulations

5 Things to Know About the New Drug Pricing Negotiations

August 30, 2023

Via: Kaiser Health News

The Biden administration has picked the first 10 high-priced prescription drugs subject to federal price negotiations, taking a swipe at the powerful pharmaceutical industry. It marks a major turning point in a long-fought battle to control ever-rising drug prices for […]

Pricing, Regulations

States Challenge Biden to Lower Drug Prices by Allowing Imports From Canada

December 14, 2022

Via: Kaiser Health News

The Biden administration is facing mounting pressure from states to let them import medicine from Canada to help lower prescription drug costs. Colorado on Dec. 5 became at least the fourth state to seek federal permission to use the strategy, […]

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Fauci addresses need for pan-coronavirus and intranasal vaccines to combat COVID-19 variants

July 27, 2022


The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director specifically detailed the call for pan-coronavirus candidates and mucosal options that can be given to patients intranasally, all the while reinforcing that “innovative approaches are clearly needed to induce broad […]

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Amid vaccine hoarding criticism, Biden admin plots $2.7 billion manufacturing push

September 3, 2021

Via: FiercePharma

It didn’t take long for the Biden administration to answer criticism that the United States wasn’t doing enough to ease the world’s COVID-19 vaccination shortfall. On Thursday, White House COVID response coordinator Jeff Zients revealed that the government has earmarked […]

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Biden administration will start sending Covid vaccines directly to pharmacies as it ups shipments to states

February 2, 2021


The U.S. will increase its weekly shipments of Covid-19 vaccine doses to states by 5% and send some doses directly to pharmacies to expand access to the lifesaving shots nationwide, the Biden administration’s Covid-19 response team said Tuesday. The federal […]