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Mergers and Acquisitions

AbbVie and Anima Biotech Partner on Discovery and Development of mRNA Biology Modulators

January 18, 2023

Via: Biopharm International

AbbVie and US-based Anima Biotech (Anima) have formed a collaboration to discover and develop messenger RNA (mRNA) biology modulators for three targets across oncology and immunology. In the collaboration, Anima will use its mRNA Lightning technology platform to discover novel […]

Mergers and Acquisitions

AbbVie and Anima Biotech collaborate on mRNA biology modulators

January 11, 2023


The partners will use Anima’s mRNA Lightning platform to discover novel mRNA biology modulators for the collaboration targets, with AbbVie gaining exclusive rights to licence, further develop and commercialise the resulting programmes. In exchange, an upfront payment of $42m will […]